The city of Natal

We will be in winter in june, but don’t worry, the climate is still nice and warm!!! The average temperature is between 23 and 30 degrees celsius (73 – 88 Fahrenheit).

If you can arrive early or stay after the Symposium to enjoy this beautiful city, the Praiamar Hotel is offering the discounted Symposium hotel rate on the Friday before the Symposium through the Monday after the Symposium!!!

Front of the Praiamar Hotel and the “Morro do careca” (“the bald hill”)
East beaches of Natal and the Fort of the city, built in the 16th Century
North beaches of the city – Genipabu Beach
Natal, RN
Downtown and the Nilton Navarro bridge
Maracajaú reef’s
The front of the Music School Building at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN

For more information about the city, click here.